Thursday, July 25, 2013

my everyday style: navy with white!

It's super cliche, but I totally feel like the summer is flying by this year. Definitely more so than other years.  I think it has to do with my kids getting older... there are less lazy endless days in pjs watching cartoons and praying for school (or preschool) to start and more running here and there having fun with them or carting them around to their fun activities like camp, camp and more camp.

I will say though that there are a few sure signs that summer is two-thirds over:

  • I can't stand my summer clothes any more (thus, squeezing in a sweater to an outfit even if it's hot).
  • I'm ready to start making dinner again (seriously for all of June and most of July I have hardly cooked a handful of healthy meals for the family... if you follow me on Instagram you know that is rare!).
  • I bought the school supplies for the kids (whoop!).
  • My CSA should start supplying tomatoes any day now (that is a pre-fall thing for me... I don't know why).
  • I've started to give my husband the stink eye when he leaves for work in the morning (what, I'm responsible for these kids for a FULL day again? all by myself?)
  • The bank account is almost empty (are my kids the only ones with a severe case of 'can we...?' or 'I want...' - they have a new thing to spend money on ten times a day!).
  • We have a hearty collection of the "free t-shirts" kids get at every single camp they go to (ugghhh... these t-shirts bug me, such a waste!).
  • Bedtimes are back to normal (I let the kids stay up late the first part of the summer and paid for it with naughty little ones... 8pm is now a very quiet time around our house again!).
  • Did I mention I am sick of my summer clothes? Are you?

Sweater, Old Navy (old)
Shorts, Old Navy (c/o)
Bag, J.Crew 'Tillary Tote' (similar)
Bracelet, J.Crew (similar)
Sunglasses, Ray Ban

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