Tuesday, July 16, 2013

9 pieces | 9 outfits - take 2!

The last time I pulled 9 pieces and made 9 outfits out of them you all seemed to like it... and so did I!

That last post had more of a "spring" feel to it, so for today's post I focused on summer pieces exclusively.  The 9 outfits with 9 pieces idea originated when I was traveling recently and found myself mixing and matching only a few pieces to make several outfits - that's the best way to travel in my opinion!  But really the idea can be useful even when you are not traveling. Say you have a limited budget or a small closet and don't want to store a lot of pieces that won't get worn or you are a minimalist and don't want your closet cluttered with hubris.  Whatever the case may be... I'll bet you will be surprised by how many outfits can be born from so few pieces. I know I was!

the nine essential pieces:

footwear featured: 

accessories featured: 

see you around...

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