Wednesday, May 15, 2013

what to pack: Southern California!

I'm prepping to head west in a few days here and I couldn't be MORE ready for a little break from my mom-duties and for lots of sun mixed with plenty of relaxation.  If you remember I was supposed to go to Southern California a few months ago, but the weather was terrible and then I got sick, so thankfully (!!!) the trip was rescheduled.  So far the weather is supposed to be top notch and I am primed for some serious chill time mixed with some serious shopping and eating. The trifecta of the perfect get-away.

Whenever I pack for a trip I try to choose two colors to center my wardrobe choices around. This way everything mixes and matches well and I'm not dragging a ton of clothes around and wearing only half of them. Usually after a trip I am downright sick of the items I brought because I wear them on repeat so much.  To me, that is success!  For this California trip I am going with lots of neutrals (I'm totally into them lately) and a few pops of color.

Navy, grey and denim are stand-bys in my closet and while they may seem a little on the boring side I made sure to punch them up with a touch of color and texture to keep the looks interesting.  These pieces pack well and are easy to wear so that I make sure that my clothes are just as relaxed as my vacation is. Several of these pieces I have featured on the blog already, but I keep going back to them because of their versatility.  That, and now they are in my closet so I am constantly looking for ways to remix them.

Do you have any spring/summer travel in the works? I would love to hear your packing tips!

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