Wednesday, April 3, 2013

what to wear to a spring wedding!

Do you hear those wedding bells? If they are not yours, they are probably your girlfriend's, your college roommates', your cousin's, your friends-friend or your sister's. Wedding season is kicking into full gear this time of year and I always get a number of "what should I wear to a spring wedding" emails this time of year.

To make sure your closet is fully prepped and ready to go I rounded up a quick "what to wear to a spring wedding" cheat sheet.  Choose a dress (or more, depending on how many events you have to attend!) and then follow the directives in choosing accessories, shoes and even nail polish.  The idea here is to make the question of what to wear to a spring wedding easily answered.  Besides... even if all your old college roommates, an old flame or your great aunt and uncle that you haven't seen in ten years will be there, they won't be looking at you - they will be gazing at the beautiful bride!  You just want to feel saucy enough to flirt with the best man later or to dance your heart out until dawn, right?

dresses: lavender, navy, yellow
baubles: necklace, bracelet, ring
shoes: pumps, wedges
nail polish colors: orange-y, purple-ish

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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