Tuesday, April 2, 2013

how to wear (geek) glasses!

I've worn glasses since elementary school. I remember my first pair were pale pink and I broke them playing in the snow at recess, likely very soon after I got them.  Then throughout the rest of elementary and into junior high I wore my glasses on and off as I deemed "cool" enough until I got contacts in high school. Since then I have gone between contacts and eyeglasses as my mood changes from day to day. My husband keeps bugging me to get lasik surgery (am I damn near blind without my contacts or glasses) but my response each time is well duh, who wants the have surgery on their eyes? Not me (I pass out at the sight of blood, this is more than I can handle). And more importantly I would miss my glasses so much.

They don't always make an appearance on the blog but I wear my glasses a lot. A typical evening for me is pulling my hair back, popping out my contacts and curling up with a book in bed.  Switching to my glasses at the end of the day is a ritual that is cozy and comforting to me.

I've been thinking of ordering a new pair of glasses (from Warby Parker of course... I'm a die hard fan) and so I thought it would be fun to feature the pairs that I already own and love.  Warby Parker has made geeky glasses so cool - which of course, has all of the four eyes of the world rejoicing! Myself included!

bottom: Warby Parker "Mabel" (their sunglasses are available with or without a Rx)

For my next pair I am thinking the Neville for eyeglasses and/or the Everett for sunglasses.

Do you wear glasses? Have you ever checked out Warby Parker's cool options? 
I highly recommend you do - the prices are great and they will ship you pairs to try on at home!

ps. Warby Parker just emailed me that their new summer sunglasses line launches today
Be sure to check it out, I know I can't wait to!

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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