Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The TOP TEN for spring recap!

Last month I counted down the TOP TEN items to own this spring... and since that was weeks ago and the weather is (finally, hopefully, already... depending on where you live!) warming I figured I would review the list to make sure your (and my) closet is spring-ready.   The TOP TEN list that I put together each season is focused on the most wearable and versatile styles that the season has to offer.  It's what I plan on putting in my own closet this spring and I hope you find a few pieces that you are pleased to put in your own closet as well.  I always work to stick to the "easy" trends that are easy and fun to wear  for the season.

I know I personally still have a few gaps to fill in my own closet this spring like pastels, floral and colored denim that I am working on shopping for, slowly but surely.  Do you have any gaps or pieces you are still shopping for?

1. pastels: mint top (or see all the 'pastels' looks here)
2. gingham: blue gingham top (or see all the 'gingham' looks here)
3. stripes: striped top (or see all the 'stripes' looks here)
4. metallic accessories: gold belt (or see all the 'metallic accessories' looks here)
5. floral: floral denim (or see all the 'floral' looks here)
6. colored denim: yellow skinny jeans (or see all the 'colored denim' looks here)
7. relaxed chinos: peach chinos (or see all the 'relaxed chinos' looks here)
8. eyelet: red eyelet pencil skirt (or see all the 'eyelet' looks here)
9. bright flats: pink flats - on sale! (or see all the 'bright flats' looks here)
10. colorful handbag: teal satchel (or see all the 'colorful handbag' looks here)

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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