Tuesday, April 30, 2013

color trend: inspiring indigo!

Confession: I used to never know how to wear blue. So I never did. I feel like that is kind of sad now, because blue is my tried and true these days and it's such a classic color (all those wasted years!).

In reality, blue is one of the easiest colors to wear. It is both classic and relaxed and can even be quite formal depending on the ensemble.  The best way to wear blue? With other blue like these amazing looks. That is my take on it these days.  Pile on the blue from navy to sea to sky to chambray. Wear it all together!  Or if you aren't into the monochromatic look... blue looks great with white, orange (one of my favorite combos lately as well), grey or even other brights like pink or green!

A pair of your favorite jeans with a blue striped top (my favorite combo) is perfect for everyday wear... or wear a chambray top with a navy pencil skirt for the office or there are myriad other ways to pair all these fabulous blues together.  Here I pulled together tons of inspiring indigo pieces in all shapes and sizes... all these picks are under $150 and most are under $100.  So stock up on some blue for your closet this spring!

see you around...

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