Monday, April 29, 2013

50 things every woman must own!

Today I am so happy to announce that I have updated the classic e-book into a simple at-a-glance visual for your (and my!) reference!  This began as an inspiration for my own closet as I desired to depend more on classic and timeless pieces over flash-in-the-pan trends.  While trendy items are fun and serve a certain purpose in our wardrobe, these 50 pieces are here to last and to inspire for years to come.

I highly suggest you take some time to peruse the list and think about what pieces are missing or need updating in your own closet.  The pieces I chose here are just examples of what your own 50 pieces might look like, use them as inspiration and then find a similar piece that you absolutely LOVE.  You may already own many of these pieces or you may be setting off on building a strong foundation for your closet.  Wherever you are in your closet-building I hope you are inspired by this list!

(Since this post is almost 2 years old... if you desire to shop this post, I linked as similar items as possible below.)

1. oversized sweater (similar) 2. oxford shirt (similar) 3. ballet flats (similar) 4. embellished top (similar) 5. chambray top (similar) 6. maxi dress (similar) 7. versatile scarf (similar) 8. sentimental jewelry 9. trench coat (similar) 10. little black dress (similar) 11. a signature manicure 12. something outrageous (similar) 13. a carryall bag  14. sunglasses 15. cropped black pants (similar) 16. knee high boots (similar) 17. well-fitting jeans (similar) 18. everyday flats (similar) 19. clutch (similar) 20. sun hat (similar) 21. a classic scent 22. watch 23. simple tank 24. braided belt 25. casual shorts (similar) 26. wool coat (similar) 27. party dress (similar) 28. black leggings 29. simple skirt (similar) 30. pencil skirt 31. large purse (similar) 32. rain boots 33. statement necklace (similar) 34. something leopard - I prefer shoes! (similar) 35. cardigan (similar) 36. skinny belt (similar) 37. neutral pumps (similar) 38. tunic (similar) 39. white tee shirt (similar) 40. black blazer (similar) 41. striped top (similar) 42. a lady-like umbrella (similar) 43. a floral top (similar) 44. safari-style jacket 45. white jeans (similar) 46. fun sandals (similar) 47. casual shoes 48. leather jacket (similar) 49. black turtleneck 50. denim jacket

or shop the pieces here:

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