Friday, March 22, 2013

what to wear on a chilly spring day!

At this point I am so beyond sick of this winter/wintery spring that I think I am actually done complaining about it. I know, so big of me, right!?!? It has seriously been snowing here for three days straight.  Or maybe more, I think I lost count. But you know what - who cares! I'm looking on the positive side that spring has to arrive at some point (right. right!?!?).  I am working on transitioning the super spring looks I THOUGHT I would be wearing this time of year to looks that are still spring-ish but that offer more warmth.

To me, this is the perfect outfit to wear on a chilly spring day.  White jeans (or shorts - if it's warm where you are!), chambray and a little jacket are always a simple look to pull together. I absolutely love my white jeans, bright white for the warmer months and creamy white for the fall and winter, and white shorts are no exception.  Plus, I have a feeling that white shorts are going to be an absolute must-have for summer - so hop on the trend now!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? 
Make it a great one!

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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