Tuesday, March 5, 2013

my everyday style: last call for winter!

Last week I was so down and out about winter, after being sick (blah, blah, blah) and then looking into my closet to see the boots and sweaters and skinny jeans that I have been wearing (and wearing, and wearing...) I was just OVER it.  But then the sun came out this weekend and I decided to change my view on my closet. Instead of pining to wear spring pieces that aren't suitable for the weather I decided to take a 'last call' on my winter clothes.

Which pieces are NOT compatible with spring? Which pieces will I miss? Are there pieces that I love so much that I feel like I didn't wear them enough this winter?

So I chose this sweater and this vest. Two quintessential "winter" pieces that after the next couple of weeks will get ZERO wear until fall.  They are also two pieces that I love wearing, they are warm and comfortable.  Then, in order to not be too practical, I threw on some flats. 

Sure there is still snow on the ground (although I am optimistic that after this week it will be mostly gone) but the sun is mighty warm in March. And for that I am thankful!

Vest, J.Crew
Sweater, Gap
Chambray Top, J.Crew
Jeans, Gap
Flats, Steve Madden

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