Thursday, March 14, 2013

my everyday style: a casual night out!

There is something to be said for worrying less about how we LOOK in our clothes and instead taking the time to FEEL good in our clothes.

Lately when I've gotten dressed for a date ("date" defined as any time outside of the house without kids but WITH my husband :) ) I have been drawn to more casual and comfortable outfits rather than the standard "date" type look (moms, you know the type? and believe me, there is NOTHING wrong with those outfits... I still love 'em too!).

I think it all comes down to a few factors... but most importantly (and I think this is universal for all women) when we FEEL good... when our clothes fit us and we fit them (figuratively and literally)... our beauty and confidence naturally flows from us. We don't have to wear jeans that are too tight, shoes that pinch or that top we maybe never really liked.    When we feel good we can sit down at a table with our husband (and this past weekend, with some friends as well) and let the whole world disappear around us.  We can focus on what is important - good food and good company - and be present in the moment.

This past weekend we had a double date with fellow blogger Abby and her husband... dinner and tickets to Joel McHale! Oh boy was it fun... this is what I wore:

Top, Zara
Jeans, Gap
Necklace, Kensie (c/o)
Flats, Sole Society

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