Thursday, March 14, 2013

TOP TEN for spring: Pastels!

The IT color for spring is anything pastel... pastels seem to be just EVERYWHERE. And to be honest I can't stop thinking about them.  This isn't the first time they have been mentioned on the blog in the past month or so (guilty as charged).  The reason I'm all pastel-crazy is because they are a trend that I am very excited to try myself this spring... I don't have a lot of pastels in my closet (yet!) and I am excited to give them a try. The last true time I remember wearing pastels on the regular was probably junior high (the late eighties or early nineties).  So everything old is really is new again.

Here I outline some of my top picks for the pastel trend and how to style them... nothing says spring like pastels, truly.

(get the look above: pink jeans, floral top, necklace, purse - seriously love this!, flats)

Are you loving pastels this spring too?

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