Monday, February 25, 2013

spring obsession: neon + black and white!

This post started out as 'how to style neon jeans for spring'... because boy do I have a hankering for a pair of neon jeans! (or neon anything...) But as I started to pull pieces and inspiration to write and format this post I realized I have a stronger obsession growing for spring... neon with black and white... or just really bright pants within black and white ensembles.

It's a bold and graphic look but one that is really easy, in fact, to pull off.  Colored jeans are EVERYWHERE again for spring this year and black and white should be hanging around your closet already... and of course, I pulled together some fabulous looks to get you extra inspired! (come on spring... we want you here now!)

(above: jeans, glasses, chambray top, tote, leather jacket, shoes - can I just live in this look from now until eternity? sure? k.)

What do you think of this fun and fresh (and simple!) trend for this spring? 

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