Wednesday, January 9, 2013

my everyday style: personal style!

As I (hopefully gracefully) age I have noticed that my style tends more towards classic, preppy and traditional.  The simple items like these worn here than can be mixed and matched and worn over and over are exactly what I am looking for when stocking my closet and when getting dressed each morning.

Yesterday I had this funny revelation.  My daughter has this total boho, hippy-chic, free flowing style.  Totally not me.  She and I have been seriously butting heads on shoes and clothing lately, everything is a disagreement .  This is partly because she is 5 and that is how 5 year olds test their boundaries and learn about their environment and themselves... the other part is because she (I now realize) doesn't like the stuff I pick out for her.  I told my husband my revelation and he laughed like I was the only one on the block to realize this.  And I guess I was. Letting your 5 year old be herself is a lot harder than it sounds.  I promise to help her realize her personal style in a way that is still suitable for public this year.  It won't be easy, but I am honestly going to try.

And in 2013.... I hope to help you with the same thing. I hope this blog inspires you to wear what makes you feel good.

Jacket, Zara (very similar and super cute - OMG! less than $20!)
Striped Top, Forever 21 - very old! (similar and also on sale!)
Chambray, J.Crew
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Boots, Sole Society

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