Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to wear pastel colored jeans...

Let's face it, winter is cold and grey and now that Christmas and New Years is over... a little boring too at times.  If you need a little something to pep up your days (or nights!) why not turn to a simple pair of pastel colored jeans?  I am pretty sure that the colored jean "trend" is here to stay and from what I see of early peeks at spring clothing - the "it" colors are going to be pastel! So if you haven't... jump on the bandwagon! It is fun, I promise!

Here I show you how to wear pastel colored jeans by dressing them up and down with simple neutral pieces you likely already own.  Let's show that grey winter who is boss, shall we?

(above: jeans, earrings, top, blazer, clogs - um, LOVE!!!, bag)

(above: baseball cap - I have a thing for these lately!, jeans, chambray top, sweater, bag, boots)

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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