Thursday, January 24, 2013

maternity style!

(first off, NO I am not expecting! hopefully I didn't get your hopes up!)

A few readers have emailed in the past couple months wanting maternity style tips... waaaay back when I used to feature this on the blog (found in the archives, here) and then I switched it over to the kids blog (those can be found here).  So it's been a while since I've revisited this topic and I thought it would be fun to touch on today!

The styles have changed a lot since I was expecting (that was like 6 years ago... whoa, where does the time go?)... but I think it's the usual suspects.  You want to feel good with a few key pieces and then just mostly feel comfortable and not constricted.

I personally always thought that the pants or jeans were key and had to fit amazing. I lived in Gap Maternity Denim, but there are a lot of options available now and I would definitely suggest leggings too.  Very stretchy = very nice.  And don't forget that items like scarves, jewelry, jackets (worn un-buttoned) can get through pretty much your whole pregnancy and don't have to be "new" or "maternity".  Shoes can be iffy... I know my feet swelled a ton and grew a half size after my second child - so that you will have to determine for yourself. But if you feel your feet growing/swelling - buy a pair of shoes that fits and is comfortable. You just don't want pinched feet on top of everything else.

Here are two really simple and cute maternity outfits. I would totally rock either of these looks!

Are you expecting? What are some of your MUST-haves for looking cute?

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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