Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 blog tips I would totally give you if we were bffs.

Lately I've had the pleasure of meeting with local bloggers from time to time to chat about life and blogging and life.  The more I meet with fellow bloggers, the more I realize how passionate I am about blogging... so naturally that usually leads me to spewing a bunch of mumbo jumbo at them. (oops)

Even though you and I can't sit down for coffee and discuss blogging face to face, I thought I would share some of those blogging tips here on the blog.

BUT! Today I have 5 additional very simple tips on how to boost your readership and engagement using social media and a few other tricks... I hope you enjoy them! Click through to read more!

Tip One: Create Pin-able Images and use them in your posts. 

Pinterest is my number 2 (two!) traffic referrer these days (I'll spill my number one in a minute).  Creating images and original content for your blog that can be pinned (and re-pinned and re-pinned over and over again) will help your blog see a major boost in traffic.  Use powerful images with quotes or wording on them or on their own. Then PIN those images yourself to Pinterest and install a "Pin This" button (I used this tutorial!) on the images so it is easy for your readers to pin them as well.  Pin, Pin, Pin! I'm obsessed with the POWER of Pinterest lately!

Tip Two: See what your readers are pinning.

If you go to (don't include the http:// part) you can see what images have been pinned recently. I highly recommend tapping into what your readers are loving and what is becoming "viral" - keep track of what your readers love and then keep creating that type of content.  Did I mention I love Pinterest lately?

Tip Three: Install a Popular posts widget in your sidebar.

If you use blogger use the "popular posts" widget. If you don't use blogger, go to your stats and pull our a few of the favorite posts and put them in the sidebar.  This increases the amount of traffic and clicks within your blog. Once you get your readers there, you want to keep them there. Right? No doubt you have put together some fab posts in the past. This is a great way to show your readers all you have to offer!  Plus, it also helps you keep an eye on what is working (and maybe what is not).

Tip Four: Use Disqus to engage with readers and increase traffic within your site.

Disqus is a comment system plug-in that is really easy to set up. It has a lot of features but I love the way it operates as the blog moderator. I can respond to comments via email, moderate them via email and in general interact a lot easier with my readers through their comments.  I like to try and respond to most, if not all of the comments I receive on the blog and Disqus makes it easy.

Also, Disqus' new features include a link with in feature that keeps my readers engaged with other popular posts (usually it is links in PINK directly above my comments in a post's permalink, if you are curious what it looks like).  Right now this Disqus feature is the NUMBER ONE referrer of traffic in my site.  That means that my readers come in for one post and find other posts they like while they are here. Win!

Tip Five: Don't be afraid to speak your mind.

No need to be like the blogger next door.  Keep originality at the center focus and you will keep your readers coming back for more.  Does everyone agree with me when I talk about motherhood? What to wear? What NOT to wear? No. They don't.  But I write what I believe and my unique voice makes me stand out.  

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