Saturday, January 5, 2013

home tour saturday...

We have been working on our little abode tirelessly for the past 13 months.  And I don't blog about it much, but our home is finally becoming what we always dreamed it would be.  My husband and I are the perfect team as he does all the heavy lifting (read: work) and I do all the planning and fluffing (read: next to nothing).

Last winter it was the kitchen (you can see that here)... then this past spring we did the kids' bathroom.  Yes, that was like 9 months ago.  Right now we are working on the master bath which should be done in just a few weeks.  In the meantime I thought I would bring you the kids' bath before and after!

This was the horrible before (I didn't snap the photos before my husband took the doors off, so it's really more of a during)... that is actually really embarrassing!

We definitely bought this house for it's location and potential. The bathroom had literally started falling apart, the water on the shower would only go hot (not safe for little kids!), the sink faucet would rotate (even thought it wasn't meant to be that way) and when we pulled out the toilet we found that it had been slowly leaking (not much, but still, not good).

My plan for the bathroom was punchy but sub-dued. I wanted it to seem youthful and vibrant for the kids, but also something that fit the vibe of our whole house and something that I didn't mind looking at myself (the kids bathroom is at the top of the stairs and basically the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs).  The room is not staged or overly fluffed for photos, we use it everyday and I just snapped these photos with my iPhone. So this is more of a "real life" home tour! Here is the finished product!

The walls are "Phlox" by Martha Stewart. Since this room has no natural light the color is a bit off in the photos, I would say it is a lighter and dustier lavender than shown. It certainly doesn't scream "purple" when you walk in.

The farmhouse sink I had my eye on from the start, it was a steal ($299 I think?) from a local discount warehouse.

The white carrara marble floors were a risk but at only $3 (I think) a square foot from Home Depot the price was right and they are GORGEOUS! They clean up great and so far no stains or problems at all, which in my book is success with the kids using this bathroom.

The toilet I am in love with... who knew a toilet could be so 'cute'.  It's compact and simple and perfect for a small bathroom (plus it doesn't go all the way to the wall, which makes cleaning around it easier).  I believe that is Delta too... from Home Depot.

The faucets and towel bars are Delta from (this one).

The artwork is from also (similar ), I wanted something in here for art that was fun and colorful but also meaningful (I have this weird obsession with meaningful art).  This print of Chicago is perfect not because it used to be my hometown, but because I think it perfectly captures an idea of a fun summer as well (and who doesn't love summer?).

The shower curtain is Target, as are the small square (loved they were square) bath mats and the bins underneath the sink for toiletries and towels are Container Store.

The mirror is Martha Stewart from Home Depot.

My hope is still to get a small floating shelf for above the toilet for a small plant, but I haven't found the perfect one yet (I'm SUPER indecisive about home decor - something actually has to literally SPEAK to me before I can justify buying it - I'm near impossible.)

My goal budget for the whole thing was $1500. I think we were closer to $1800 but I absolutely love it!  We obviously saved tons of money by having my husband do all the work (he is seriously such a trooper!) so for that I am so thankful.

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