Monday, January 7, 2013

a week's worth of outfits...

The rubber hits the pavement today ladies! It is  My kids are headed back to school, my to-do list can be put off no longer and it's back to life as usual.  I hope you had a fabulous "break" over the holidays... whether that meant some extra time with family, some extra time to yourself, some extra time in your pajamas or some extra glasses of wine.  Whatever your treat may be!

I know I have been spending LOTS of time in all the new pjs I got for Christmas, oversized sweaters and in general very cozy clothes - and after all that I definitely feel the need to up the ante a bit and get back to my normal style.  To get us all back on track I put together a weeks worth of outfits for us... hopefully this inspires you to get your style on this week. I know it's inspiring me!

Here is to a fabulous week!

If we haven't already... let's get social!

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