Saturday, December 15, 2012

Real Girls Gift Guide! (Part 4)

We are back again with another (and the last!) installment of my super fun "real girls gift guides" today!  I'm so thankful for all my gal pals that took the time to give us the inside track of what they are really giving and (hopefully) getting this year for Christmas!

Jen H. is a fellow blogger, she and I met at Target over the Missoni line a while back!  Since then we are gym buddies, brutalizing ourselves in pilates together! Here's her list... My husband knows that they way to my heart is through stocking stuffers! I love the little 'gifty' items and the surprise that comes with pulling each one out! 

One of my favorite lip balms, and perfect for winter with just a hint of color, a yummy scent and the ever-important spf 15. 

Admittedly, a splurge! This color is perfect for holiday parties and will wear nicely into the new year! 

Starbucks Giftcard. 
Hello, lover. 

 My favorite water bottle for the gym. Perfect for anyone on your list who is environmentally conscious. 

 Perfectly coordinated sock gift set. Who knew that getting socks for Christmas could be exciting? 

LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins (his & hers)
 And, just because it's fun to have a few gifts wrapped under the tree, these are on top of my wish list this year!  At almost half the price of similar styles from other brands and I love the way LL Bean stands behind their products. And, just in case the hubby feels left out they come in Men's styles also! 


Jen is a friend of mine that I met at church many years ago and now we are book club buddies!  Here is her fun list! 

 Metal necklace with stamped family members names is always a good gift for any mom!

 New Cross trainers for the gym. I am loving the bold colors they are coming in right now!  (Jen, these are my faves!)

New glasses. Yeah, so practical! But, would really love to get a pair that are more trendy. (this pair would look fab on you!)

Mustard colored skinny jeans. They seem to be everywhere! (sneaky lady, did I see you wearing these this weekend at the book club party?

Apple iPad . I can't believe I have made it this far without one! I would love one the boys and I could share. 

Money in envelopes with outing descriptions (dinner at Trillium Haven, Beer tour & snacks at Vivant.) It seems too often we have so many things we want to do, but as the month goes on and money gets spent, we often don't have as much left over for the "fun" as we would like. But, if it is already set aside, no problem! (SUCH a good idea!)

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