Thursday, December 13, 2012

jgg's necessities... winter survival!

Here's a little peek into my winter bag of tricks... I absolutely can't get through the day without depending on one of these...

I feel like I am reaching for this all day long. So much in fact I just had to buy another to keep on hand. And it's neutral enough for chapped lips that if my husband or kids need a little something they don't mind the flavor (have you ever tried to hand your husband your favorite lip gloss when he is in a pinch? mine usually doesn't care for that!)

I got a sample of this in my November Birchbox and I LOVE it.  It's perfect for my dry hands.

LOVE this. I wear it around the house even, it keeps me so warm.

I know it's technically Christmas-music-season, but this cd is so peppy I can't help going back for it time and time again.  Although when it does come to Christmas music I'm hooked on either this band: A Very She & Him Christmasor the XM Christmas Pops channel (channel 75 I think it is).  It's really a beautiful channel.

I've been living in them. I usually do this with jeans in the winter though, wear one pair until I can't stand them anymore.  This pair is on sale too if you might like them also!  Order a size up though...

I ordered this for myself as a very small treat for the hard elf work I have been doing.  Hey, it's not easy planning, buying and wrapping all these gifts!  Plus, my husband has been super busy with work... this is my version of a "gold star" for myself for surviving December (so far).

Although I got this for 40% during F&F at the Gap, it was still a bit of a splurge and it's one I haven't regretted.  I absolutely LOVE this coat.  LOVE.  It's made my winter a nicer place to be.

What are your winter must haves or December survival necessities!  Please share!

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