Thursday, December 13, 2012

Instagram Life: December Issue!

It's the holiday season for sure... here is what is going on in my holiday world lately...

I pretty much have gumdrops running through my veins lately. I can't stop eating them, nor can I choose a favorite... do you love the spearmint or cinnamon the best?

We do two live trees in our house... one for all the fun kids ornaments and another for all my "fancy" ornaments.

The decor at the local Frederik Meijer Gardens never fails to inspire!

My dream holiday look? This look I snapped from the J.Crew catalog. (also, Elizabeth Hassleback was wearing this same sweater on The View yesterday... I love her style!)

Our elf has been busy taking notes on who will be on the naughty/nice list!

Wrapping paper... one of my favorite things to do! (all of this is from Target)

The outfit I wore to a recent Christmas party.  A flannel plaid top over a little black dress with a fun necklace (similar necklace).

The ginger snap cookies from World Market are KILLER good. I can't stop popping them in my mouth!

It seems like boots and coats are on constant repeat.

Snow on the pine trees in my backyard is so beautiful to wake up to.

New shellac nails in "WILD FIRE" ensures red nails for all of my holiday events.

p.s. make sure you follow me on Instagram (user: JillGG) especially since Insta and Twitter are battling again, my Instas won't be on Twitter anymore. (In my opinion, that was a major mistake by Twitter... it nearly makes the platform irrelevant in my eyes).

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