Tuesday, November 20, 2012

winter shoes! {the 'need's and the 'want's}

Earlier this fall I outlined just a few pairs of shoes that should be on your 'need' and 'want' list for the season.  Now that the temps have taken another little dive and the winter holidays are upon us, I thought I would update the list for winter.

While I try and sneak in a few days of flats here and there in the winter (with no socks, I know, I'm crazy, but I love it!) the fact is that your feet really do need to be covered up for the winter. It's cold out there ladies!  Here are my tips on how to keep your feet warm and stylish this season!


mocassins, they are quintessentially cozy and perfect for cool weather... I'd sneak out of the house in them with no socks, but that's just me!

suede moto boots, these boots are equal parts "biker chic" and ultra practical. Super easy to wear and in grey they will go with everything, especially a cozy oversized sweater!

knee-high boots, just mandatory. these are warm and stylish and end up being on my feet and legs for most of the season. Black is versatile but brown is great too! I particularly like the simple details on this pair.

Sorel winter boots, I seriously want/need these.  Warm, stylish and water-proof.  What more could a Michigan gal ask for?


glitter flats, I just got these and LOVE them.  I definitely need a little sparkle this time of year and these deliver!

pink bow flats, these would be adorable with skinny cords or a skirt and tights. Either way, everyone needs a little happy color this time of year.

glitter boots, these are very trendy right now, but I don't care, I love them.  Perfect with skinny jeans and a blazer they are festive and fun (and warm!).

ugg slippers, don't forget about keeping those toes warm indoors! A pair of slippers can get a lot of practical use this time of year!

What is on your want/need list for this winter?

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