Tuesday, November 20, 2012

my outfit: vibrant red!

There is a scene in Mad Men where Don's new wife Megan is sitting on the sofa in their swanky new apartment wearing red pants and a black top. Of course, I can't find this picture online to prove it - but it's been properly engrained into my head.  So that is where this outfit came from.

As I mentioned yesterday I am trying to be better about wearing heels.  I don't need/want to wear them everyday like I did when I was working out of the home, I just want to be able to snag them (and be able to walk in them!) when the mood strikes!  So yesterday I challenged myself to wear them all day.

I lasted most of the day... I wore them all around the house (even doing laundry!) and out to lunch with my husband and then for a few errands.  Voila!  My feet were killing me by the end of the day... but hey, no pain no gain.  Right? (wink, wink)  I'll likely be taking a few days off now!  haha!

Red Jeans, Target (similar)
Heels, Sole Society "Noah" style
Sweater, Gap (similar)
Blazer, Gap - this color is on sale!
Purse, J.Crew

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