Friday, November 9, 2012

weekend style!

The weekend is HERE!  And this week was a doozey - between the election and our unexpected house hunt (we've put an offer on the house and are looking to sell our home if the offer goes through - we are NUTS!) it's been a busy and hectic and exciting one.  This weekend I am looking forward to some serious relaxation and down time.  Next week is going to be just as busy (and some fun!) and I want to be fully mentally and physically prepared for it.  (I feel a cold coming on and could use a nap or two!).

What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever you do... bundle up (the mornings are cold) and get outside a bit - we are still having some nice sunny afternoons where I live!

(sunglasses, earrings, nail polish - obsessed with gold lately!, sweater, jacket, scarf, boots, jeans, gloves)

*just realized I'm a little obsessed with this camel brown, pink, burgundy color trifecta... it looks familiar from this look!

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