Monday, November 5, 2012

my outfit: simple fall!

Can you believe it's November? I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that right now.  Granted I was at the mall this weekend and it was in full Christmas spirit, the beloved red cups are back at Starbucks and the sky is grey.  So all signs point to it.  Winter is here.

Of course I'm still trying to get away with flats with no socks (brrr! but I'm always trying to get away with that) and jackets instead of coats - hey, with a scarf it pretty much works!

This past weekend we celebrated my sons 8th birthday (8!?!? how did he get so old) and changed a bunch of furniture around and cleaned out our basement. It felt so good... like I'm ready for the next season.  I also went on a (online) house hunting spree and found an amazing house that I completely fell head over heels for.  We've only been in this house for 5 years and really we don't NEED to move.  But now I'm dreaming of appraisals, moving trucks and boxes. Am I crazy or what? Do you dream house hunt? I think this time I really learned my lesson - we are either going to have to move or I am never going to 'happen' upon the MLS again.  I could have gotten myself in deep here!

How was your weekend?

Cashmere Scarf, gift
Jacket, Tulle (c/o several years ago)
Striped Top, Gap (last spring)
Jeans, Gap
Velvet Flats, Old Navy (last year)
Watch, Daniel Wellington (c/o)

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