Monday, November 5, 2012

three ways to wear brights for late fall!

Wait, is it late fall or early winter? Or both? Either way, it's the time of year that is best known for wearing cozy sweaters, warm boots and lots of layers.  And usually the colors of the (fashion) season focus on warm browns, deep reds, gorgeous greens and winter white.  But this year BRIGHT is the word on the street - or the word at the mall.  Stores, websites and catalogs seem to be bursting with color.

In general I pretty much buy what the mall is selling... I love following trends that way. Wearing brights for fall doesn't seem intuitive... but I will say it's very fun (and totally on trend!).

So snatch up a few of these bright pieces (or dig some out from your spring wardrobe) and pair them with your favorite neutrals for a really great look this season!

(above: clutch, cords, sweater - who remembers the "crazy stripe sweaters from the late 90's? I love that Gap is bringing this style back!, gingham, nail polish, initial earrings, boots)

Are you going to be wearing BRIGHTS this season?

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