Monday, November 12, 2012

my outfit: a little dotty!

A new week is upon us and truth be told I feel like this is the start of the slippery slope of winter that inevitably culminates in a crash landing at Christmas (are you starting to sense that as well?).  My kids start their winter sessions of sports (soccer, basketball and soccer) this week, holiday travel plans are popping up on calendars and on top of all that I have tons of Christmas and winter themed posts coming your way here on the blog.  I'm starting with a "real girls gift guide" that is going to promise serious inspiration for finishing your shopping lists, then whip up the Top 10 styles you are going to HAVE TO HAVE this winter (much like I did in the fall), and finally I'm going to round out the holidays with 5 days of giveaways full of fab swag for you loyal readers to remind you gals how thankful I am for you!  Whew!  Can you handle the excitement?

In other news we are NOT selling our house as we had hoped we would - the deal on the new house fell flat on it's face.  So we are cool with that and are going to keep working on our house (and maybe keep looking for a new house) and be perfectly happy where we are.  I feel like the me of 3 or 4 years ago would have been severely depressed about the situation.  But the me of today takes it all in stride.  Really, even though it didn't work out how we wanted, the entire situation was a positive one and gave my husband and I great insight into what may be next for us.  Which is still exciting in my book.

Oh and since this is a style blog... I should probably mention, I wore some polka dots this weekend.

Jacket, Gap
Sweater, Old Navy (similar)
Jeans, Gap
Modern Cat Eye Sunglasses, Amazon
Loafers, Gap (similar)
Scarf, Gap

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