Thursday, November 1, 2012

jgg's necessities... (my must have items these days)

Time for another round of jgg's necessities... all the products, thing-a-ma-jigs and doo-dads that I am personally USING & LOVING.  (it doesn't make this list unless I'm full tilt in love with it)  Without further ado....

Word to your mother I love me some SS shoes.  These boots haven't really come off my feet since arriving (much like the last pair I ordered from them).  They are comfy and seem to go with everything. AND they are leather (for that price, I know, right!?!?) A great "mom" shoe too!

Girl, it's too embarrassing to tell you how loud and how much I listen to this cd.  I've always loved Taylor. Some how she hit this one out of the park.

Hate shopping for underpinnings? I do, or did.  Last time I went into the mall "undies" store (you know the one) I swore I never would again. Uggh, I hate that place.  Enter True & Co. no creepy sales people, no "bra fittings" (leave me alone!) and really gorgeous (GORGEOUS!) products. I am SO hooked on this service and I bet you will love it too.  You wouldn't believe how gorgeous my bras are these days!*

Ignore the "oil" part of this product. It actually IS oil, but it doesn't feel like it. It just feels like youth in a bottle. My skin has never been so soft! I found this in my recent Birchbox and I am hooked.

I already starting Christmas shopping and this year I mean to do it with intention. Number one on the list for the littles in my life? Beautiful and fun books.  They are keepsakes, they are not plastic and they are fun for the family.  This one tops the list for my nieces. (We've been reading Pooh's Library as a family and it's SO sweet and funny - a great way to end the day!)

My friend Abby kept telling me to make this. So I did. Now I'm telling YOU to make it. Everyone in my family cleared their plate (that never happens) and there were zero leftovers.  Seriously good!  

*TRUE & CO offered me to try their service free of charge. The opinions are all my own. Seriously, you will love this service!

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