Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monthly Round-Up: October!

Well October is officially in the bag... hard to believe it, but I will say that I am getting excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the magic that the holidays bring.

Each month when I pull together the outfits that I have featured on the blog I am a little disappointed and a little thrilled all at the same time.  Why you ask?

I am disappointed because while I do get dressed every single day I am not always able to photograph each day.  This is a good and bad thing (we all have bad days!), but I do wish I had the opportunity to photograph MORE looks each month to give you a good idea of how I use (and abuse) my closet.  I always feel like I have more to offer but I am often held back by time restraints of both myself and my husband who does all the photos.  But such is life, right?

What is thrilling to me though is that when I look back at a month like this and see the outfits I have brought to you, I know that I gave a true representation of what my daily outfits look like as a busy (work-at-home) mom.  No false pretenses, no "I'm doing this for my blog" - just a real and honest look at what my style is.  Which is what I always have meant to do and have always strived for.  I'm not saying there haven't been bumps in the road... but from this blogger to her readers, I always want you to know that I work (very hard) to portray one real girls pursuit of style.  Nothing more, nothing less.


J Ciriello said...

we need some dressy outfits now that we are heading into holiday season !

Not Going Out Like That

Cheese, twine, and wine said...

for what it's worth - i appreciate what you do have to offer! i love the combination of outfit photos, styling ideas, and season must-haves. love the blog!


Carey said...

I love, love, love that you wear DOABLE outfits - that you actually can and will wear all day! While I like to look at ladies all dolled up in heels and jewels and skirts, it's not what inspires me when I'm looking at my closet, dealing with MY day. So thanks! :)


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