Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 ways to wear deep red this fall (the season's hottest color!)

Every season a color emerges as the "have-to-have-hue" and hands down it's deep red this season. I've heard this color called a number of names (ox-blood? Um, no thank you).  I think this deep dark red is so classic and while sure you can do a little over-trending with it in a peplum top, suede boots or a leather jacket... I think some simple basics in this beautiful color can go a lot further in your wardrobe.

Here I picked a few deep dark red pieces and mixed and matched them with pieces you likely already own!  These are simple formulas for integrating this "it" color into your wardrobe...

(above: ponte leggings, nail polish - perfect way to try a trend!, sweater, coat, clutch, wedges - just ordered these, can't wait to style them up!)

(above: sunglasses, jeans, sweater - easy does it!, necklace, blazer, shoes)

(above: cords - these are REALLY dark red and I just adore them!, chambray top, earrings, jacket, clutch, boots)

Do you love this color? Have you tried wearing it this season yet?

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