Friday, July 20, 2012

weekend style!

I've been wanting to try a white on white look all summer... I don't know why I have yet to execute it!  I love the simplicity of the look and all you have to do is add some fun pops of color and you are set to go!

Maybe you will give it a try this weekend too?  I am hoping to relax and unwind a bit this weekend... I've been a frenzied and stressed (worse) version of myself this week.  Summer has gotten under my skin and I'm physically and mentally exhausted.  We still have 6 (six!!!) more weeks of summer vacation around here and most days I don't know how we are going to survive!  Lately I have been taking solace in this Bible verse and for the next couple of weeks my kids have a myriad of summer camps and activities that I am hoping will make the days full, fun and fast.  That's all a busy mom could ask for!

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