Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Save (no splurge required!)

Today's Sunday Splurge (and save!) is JUST a save!  How about that? Old Navy has re-issued it's popular colored skinny jean for fall in 31 (yes thirty one!) colors and finishes.  Whoa!  And since colored jeans aren't going any where for fall... (yep, you betcha they are sticking around!) it's time to add a few new colors to your wardrobe!

I know I have my eye on about two or three new colors... and I'm super excited for a colorful fall. Usually fall clothes are so muted, but this season is definitely going to be a bright one!

Check out my top ten (hey, what can I say? It was hard to narrow down my favorites!) for fall...  and each of these are UNDER $35. Definitely time to stock up!

I have my eye on the "Plum Tonic", "Tsunami" and "Bright Night"... although, given the opportunity I could snag one of each with no complaints!


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