Monday, June 25, 2012

a week's worth of outfits!

My head is spinning (in a good way) from our fabulous Florida vacation... I'll likely recap it here later this week (it was absolutely the best family vacation!).  But in the meantime it's totally back to reality!  You know how before you go on vacation you put about a million things on your "to-do after vacation" list? Well, I do that too and this week I'll be catching up on those goodies and also prepping for some very exciting other summer activities.  

Chances are you are just as busy... right?  Summer is so fun and such a whirlwind all at once!  Here is a weeks worth of simple summer outfit ideas to get you through the week.  I'm loving this striped dress that I featured here - I purchased it for myself before vacation and I have loved wearing it!  It can be dressed up or down and is seriously comfy (and a nice decent length too!).  So far I've only thrown mine on with my Sperry's... but I look forward to styling it up different ways too!

three: sunglasses, tank, polka dot shorts (seriously!?!? How cute!), bracelet, sandals

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