Monday, June 25, 2012

my outfit: simple grey!

Sometimes easy does it.  I don't mind breaking out the jeans every once in a while during the summer and the other day I was just "feeling" like jeans and a tee.  Even a simple outfit like that can be dressed up with some wedges and a fun necklace.  And a photo shoot in these parts isn't complete without a little one blurring through the picture... can you spot the little blondy?  My kids don't know how to walk, they only run.

Remember when we talked about being tired?  You ladies not only could relate, but you also had really great tips on how to combat some of the fatigue I have been experiencing.  I got the blood results back and everything is normal - so that is good. (right?!? That's good, I mean nothing is technically wrong with me, but I still get tired, so.....) So that leads me to the following conclusion...

  • There are just some people that are more tired than other. We are not lazy, we are not sick, we just need a little more rest than the others.  Who's with me?
Also, I'll be working on the following:
  • I'm going to TRY to be religious with vitamins. (sometimes I only remember to take them when I am tired instead of taking them to fend off tiredness).  
  • Taking a little rest when my body says it's tired.  This is hard and sometimes flat out impossible, but if mama's tired, mama's takin' a break.  My kids are getting older and I think they can understand this and give me 20 minutes of sit down time (hopefully... we will see).
  • With our CSA share this summer there are plenty of leafy greens and other GOOD foods in the fridge.  I'm lovin' them so far and I'm going to keep eating them as much as possible.  In addition, I'm going to work to eat more protein.  In general I don't care for meat but it's high in protein, so I need to remember to make myself eat it (and buy it and prepare it) more often.
  • I'm going to work towards better work/life balance.  I'm making a conscious effort to step away from the iPhone and the laptop in the late afternoon and evenings.  I have dedicated work time this summer (albeit, not a lot of it) - but I have to remember I am only one person. I'm going to work on not becoming overwhelmed or for giving myself unreasonable goals and expectations.
I'll keep you posted... :)

Top, Gap
Jeans, Gap
Necklace & Bracelet, Kensie (c/o)
Bag, J.Crew Tillary Tote
Wedges, Cynthia Vincent for Target
Sunglasses, Kate Spade via GILT

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