Friday, May 18, 2012

weekend style!

Oh MAN am I ready for the weekend... my husband has been traveling in Asia all week long (including for Mother's Day - and yes, I had a fairly good sized pity party for myself on that one...) and I am ready to have him safe and sound at home and to have my wing-man back.  He definitely pulls his weight around here and I am feeling the crunch with him gone!  Between running a household, the kids sports and this blog - it's a lot to keep one single mama busy!

The weather forecast is absolutely BEAUTIFUL for the entire weekend and we happen to not have any soccer games to attend (super rare!).  Saturday we are hoping to head to the lakeshore to finally dip our toes in the sand and Sunday we have tickets to the local minor league baseball game - which is always a blast!

Let's get this weekend started... shall we??  What fun stuff do you fabulous ladies have in store this weekend?

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