Thursday, May 17, 2012

Styling up the bargains!

It never fails that when I wear something here on the blog from Forever 21 I will get emails or comments to the effect of "How do you find anything you like at Forever 21?" Or "Forever 21 is so daunting when I go in there - how do you make sense of that store?"

Here are my tips for shopping at Forever 21:

- Give yourself plenty of time! The music is loud, the racks are full to the brim, but there is good stuff to be had so focus!

- Speaking of focus... don't lose your focus!  Forever 21 is a great way to try new trends, but work to make sure the pieces you choose aren't too "out there" for your taste.  Use your rule of three... if you like an item and it fits, then style it three ways with your existing wardrobe in your head in the dressing room.  Then you know it's good to take it home.

- WWJD? Not exactly what Jesus would do... but close. I like to ask myself what my favorite and more expensive store would do. So when I find an item I like I say to myself "What Would J.Crew Do?"  Realizing I am not shopping IN J.Crew... I ask myself if the piece would blend into J.Crew's catalog (my favorite store du jour) or would it completely clash with J.Crew's image.  If the answer is yes, then it's a go!

- Lastly, check the pieces you choose for holes or defects.  Forever 21 has a terrible return policy so make sure you don't have to return ANY pieces!

Here are some of my top picks for Forever 21.... look at all these fun pieces for spring! Love!

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