Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my outfit: pinky!

I absolutely love these pink jeans... but I have to say, they aren't getting near as much wear as I thought they would (maybe it's still to early in the season?).  I usually like wearing fun tops and boring old jeans... but to reverse it... simple and "boring" tops with fun bottoms?  It seems like that doesn't come as naturally.    How about you? Have you been having fun wearing bright colored bottoms?  

Don't think this won't stop me from buying more... I have my eye on a pair of yellow pants that I am hoping to make mine soon.  Time will tell if this is a trend I can stick out.  One thing I know for sure is in about 20 years from now we will be saying... "remember when we wore all those crazy colored pants!?! Sheesh!"  

Jeans, Old Navy
Tank, Old Navy (similar)
Jacket, Gap (similar)
Bracelets, Forever 21 (similar)

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