Tuesday, April 10, 2012

your dressing room! {spring chicken}

Today I present: the spring chicken!


She can't wait for the smells of the season: fresh cut grass and freshly fallen rain.
She sees spring as a new start.
She suddenly wants color surrounding her at every turn.
She loves fresh air in her lungs and warm sun on her shoulders.
She's going to celebrate the season by treating herself.
She's suddenly dreaming of Paris again, it always happens this time of year.

Pink sunglasses, yellow handbags, orange shorts and white shoes (these Native shoes are my newest obsession!) seem more of a necessity than a frivolity.
Sharpening your spade and getting your hands dirty is a great way to spend a sunny day.
The perfect spring scarf for early morning chills and late afternoon convertible rides.
Bake yourself a spring cake, why the heck not?
Never stop dreaming of Paris.

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