Monday, April 9, 2012

my outfit: one step forward, two steps back!

Spring weather has been decided sporadic around here, one minute it's cold and the next you are sunburnt and blazing.  On the warm days it feels like we take a step in the right direction... on the cold days, two steps back.  So my outfits lately have been somewhere between cool and warm.  Layering is key, which is fine... I just feel like I have been layering since September.  Which in part is true.

Also... spring break being over seems like one step in the right direction (the direction of getting my super crazy kids out of the house, whew!) but it feels like summer break is looming right around the corner (another two steps back).  The weather as analogy for life.  There you have it folks.

It all only leans towards one way to live... enjoy the now. Hallelujah school is back in session. And hallelujah that while snow is still in the forecast (wha?) it's not snowing right now.  Maybe later this week.  But not now.

Jacket, Tulle (c/o previous season)
Sweater, Gap - love this sweater... perfect weight for spring!
Jeans, Gap
Sunglasses, House of Harlow
Shoes, Cynthia Vincent for Target
Earrings, Charlotte Russe (similar)


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