Monday, April 2, 2012

spring shoe report!

Posting may be a little on the light side this week as my kids are officially on Spring Break, which officially makes me cah-razy.  Luckily my husband is also home for the week, so we have some home improvement stuff planned as well as Spring Break fun for the kids.  I don't know exactly how this blog is going to fit in, so we'll take it day-by-day... how about that!?!?


What I will say is that I plan on making it a very "springy" week around here... so I hope you follow along for the ride as temps start to rise and 'the fever' starts to hit!

Today I've got for you a spring shoe report.  What's the haps for spring shoes this year? Look no further... I've rounded up the basics and more to get your closet stock piled for warmer temps.

This pair is seriously tugging my heart strings... I'm in love!  This pair could quickly become a staple with shorts, skirts and dresses.
 Or just plain anything with an ankle strap... this pair would be fabulous with cropped black skinnies!
It's not summer without these. Period. Love.   I wear these to the pool then the beach and back again.  All summer long.
Perfect for running errands.  These add effortless style to any outfit.  Pair with shorts or skirts and simple tees any day of the week.
I love them in a neutral gold color, but it's also hard to not want this fun pink pair! Wear them for after dinner strolls, trips to the farmers market and for your entire week of vacation this summer.
6. Flatforms 
(this is my new favorite shoe term, by the way).  They are flat but they are tall. Best of both worlds.  This pair would be fun with some boho-chic wide leg jeans and a tank.

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