Friday, March 30, 2012

March Round-Up! (+ the IT list returns!)

March was a great month... it started out cold and depressing (lots of black...) 
and ended on a fresh and fun spring note - according to my outfits, that is.  

Truth be told, I actually DID get dressed more than 10 times (I know, whew... huh?) but a lot didn't make it to the blog (obvs).  It was a busy, busy month.  My goal for April... post more outfits here. And I'm not fooling'.


And... drum, roll... the IT list is returning!  My goal is to bring it back starting NEXT week Friday!  So if you are interested in participating please read the info here (if you are old pro, nothing has changed... if you are a newbie, make sure you know the ins and outs!) and then email me that you are interested!

p.s if you emailed me about interest in the COPYWRITER position, please know I have received all your emails and I am still going through them to decide.  I'm not ignoring you - you will hear from me!  And also please know that you all are making this decision excruciating as there are SO many qualified candidates. Whoa!

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