Monday, April 16, 2012

my outfit: cue the wind!

Confession: when I bought this top and these pants at Zara last spring my "daring" inner fashionista wanted to instantly pair the two of them together.  The wimp in me never did.  Until today. I'm glad I did.  This bright pink and bold red are so fun together and the denim jacket tones down the look enough to make it easy to wear for wimps like me.  Better late than never!

And then it got windy... gotta love that wind!  There was one photo (that I spared myself from the embarrassment) where my hair was seriously defying gravity!  Too funny.


Top, Zara
Bottom, Zara
Jacket, Gap (very old!)
Ring, boutique in Austin (can't remember the name!?!?)
Shoes, Zara


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