Tuesday, April 17, 2012

what to pack: Cali-quickie!

I'm heading out west to Cali soon and couldn't be more thrilled!  Last time I was in California was high school (that was San Diego!) and this time I'll be headed to the LA area with my husband while he is there on business... I'll be sunning and shopping and hopefully taking care of a little business myself while I am there as well.  Oh yes, and eating!  Vacations are most memorable when there is good food involved...

I'm not over-thinking the packing list too much... it's California so I figured I better play it cool.  Just some basics... a swimsuit (hopefully the weather will cooperate!) and my camera (so I can bring it all back to you gals here!).  In the meantime, please let me know if you have shopping/eatting/fun suggestions.  We will be in the Newport Beach area, but I am really eager to get a feel for the entire LA area... so any place in that vicinity is game.

1. gingham top 2. leopard top (this top was featured yesterday on the blog... I just snagged it for myself and am having fun styling new ways!) 3. gold sperrys 4. denim shorts 5. white jeans 6. t-shirt 7. earrings 8. sandals (I DIE for these right now!) 9. maxi dress 10. blazer 11. bathing suit top 12. bathing suit bottom 13. tank top 14. scarf 15. flip flops


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Jennifer Kim said...

Check out the Farm in LA for brunch, lunch. Definitely go to the one on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, a good place for celebrity spottings.

Have Fun!


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