Tuesday, April 24, 2012

kids picks!

Most of you know that I am a mom to two amazing little kiddos... my son is 7 and my daughter is 4.  I absolutely love shopping for my kids and this spring I have been snatching up some really great pieces for  the warmer season that I thought I would share!

These Native shoes (in "miller" style) are sort of like a Croc (which, yes are the most practical shoes ever for kids) but are SERIOUSLY cute!  They come in super eye popping colors from CrewCuts and are a really great price.  My son got blue and my daughter got pink - but the yellow is so cute too!  My kids will be wearing these all summer long and I love that I can clean them up with a wet cloth and they look new again!

Speaking of Crewcuts, I'm not usually one to spend a lot of cash on kids clothes (hello Target & Old Navy!) but these t-shirts from CrewCuts I purchased on sale recently and I am so in love with them (green for my son and purple for my daughter). The colors are sweet and kid-ish while still looking refined and even a little dressier than a regular t-shirt.  Plus, these babies are seriously soft.  I'm just wondering when I can start borrowing my kids clothes! So check those sales for great prices...

For fun and colorful bottoms for the kids I hit up Old Navy... fun skirts like this white one for my daughter and blue ones for my son are perfect for summer activities.

And lastly I seriously stocked up on swimwear - I usually get the gets two or three swim suits each as we are in the water a lot in the summer. This insures there is always one suit that is clean/dry.  I went for fun bold colors for those as well.  Pink stripes and blue ruffles will make really cute pictures at the beach too!

Are you loving any cool kids stuff this spring? Do tell!

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Veronica said...

I love this post! I am behind on my kids spring summer shopping but I got my son some great RED cargo shorts at target to go with some jcrew tees I got last year, I don't think I paid more than $7 per shirt. I was on the fence abt those shoes but now I am going to get them, I think that they were in the TEa catalog too.


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