Monday, March 26, 2012

a weeks worth of outfits: work wear!

I'm back this morning with another look at a quick weeks worth of outfits... it's a veritable one-stop shop for all your dressing needs.  This week I thought I would give some love to those nine-to-fivers out there... I know you all don't get a ton of love around here.  Since my lifestyle right now tends to be super casual, my blog posts tend to follow in suit.  But when I used to work outside of the home getting dressed would often times be the highlight of my day.  There is nothing like stepping into the office dressed your best and ready to take on the world.  Or just your voicemail inbox.

Here are some simple but sophisticated business looks for you this week... plus a couple of potential casual Friday outfits thrown in as well.  We wouldn't want to get TOO serious, now.  Go forth and succeed ladies!

Or, if you are a more casual gal like myself... swap out a pair of skinny jeans, colored jeans (especially with outfits 1 & 6) or wide leg jeans with any of these outfits for weekend or work-at-home looks!

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