Sunday, March 25, 2012

get "MAD"!

I don't usually post like this on Sundays... but today is an exception.

If you are like me, you are waiting with bated breath for tonights premier of season 5 of Mad Men.  My husband and I are planning a little viewing party (a party of two, to be exact)... including drinks and snacks.  We can't wait to catch up with our favorite characters and plot lines (Is Don getting married or did he already get married over the break? How are Betty and Henry doing? What about Carla? Will Pete Campbell still be driving us nuts (likely)? How hot is Peggy these days (she keeps getting hotter)? What about Joan's baby? Etc, etc...)

So in honor of tonight... let's all don a little red lipstick and channel our best inner Betty... shall we?

Also, if you are thinking of putting together a little shin-dig as well (or just a party of two, like us!)... 
you absolutely have to check out this Mad Men inspired menu.  It's perfect!

Or check out this fun round up, including a hilarious video! 


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