Saturday, March 17, 2012

Texas in Instas!

Okay, okay... are you gals just SICK of hearing about Texas!?!? I feel like I have been talking about it non-stop all week (okay, I kind of have).  But while I was in Texas I became completely hooked on Instagram - over lunch with Linda and Jenni (Jenni is Linda and I's new BFF!) the girls were shocked that I not only rarely used Instagram, or that my photos were "private" but also that I was completely unaware of the addictive nature of it.  Now my Instas are public under JillGG - join me why don'tcha!

Since I love a good addiction, especially when it involves my iPhone (not so much the kind that require rehab - although, is there iPhone rehab these days? Probably.) I quickly logged on and started following my favorite friends, bloggers and celebs.

I also snapped lots of Instas (Jackie calls them that, so I am copying her) over the weekend that I thought  would be a great (FINAL) summary of the trip.

1. Linda & I's first stop from the airport was to Chuy's (well, actually it was back to the rental car lot because the first car we got didn't work - wha!?).  Chuy's was mentioned by a few readers as a "not to miss" and they were right.  It was super good.  Unfortunately I had a really, really rough flight and landing into Austin and my stomach wasn't a huge fan of Chuy's.  My mouth however disagreed.  I'll have to tell you about that crazy flight sometime.  It was cray-cray for reals.
2. As previously mentioned, me and my new BFF Jenni from Engineered Style.  She is SO sweet and fun. And funny story, she is originally from a town 30 minutes away from where I live now.  We also went to rival colleges... there was a little smack-talking in dressing rooms.  All in good fun of course!
3. If you watched Linda and I's video the other night, we wore these t-shirts.  A gift from Bethany over at The Daily Be.  She was supposed to join us in Texas but last minute couldn't (super sad face). She outfitted us with our "I'm not a player I just blog a lot" t-shirts that super rock.
4. Sunday's events were held at the gorgeous Blanton Art Museum.  Isn't the TXSC logo so fun?

5. Saturday's lunch of the most amazing burgers and chocolate shakes you have ever eaten was at The Stack in Austin (highly recommend).  I called their decor "texas chic" - these larger than life back-lit photos of cows were a good example.  I love how they are looking down on you so serious and sweet. (also they served drinks in Mason jars - love!)
6. BonLook sunglasses!  Linda and I tried on every single pair at the Posh Party - and then even won a pair! Woo Hoo!
7. Motivational reading in the hotel.  A blogger's work and inspiration never rests.
8. First FRO-YO ever. I know! (right!?!?) We don't have these amazing places by us!  I topped mine with sprinkles (lots of sprinkles!), gummy bears and brownie bites.  Why, yes, yes I do eat like a five year old.

I'll admit that I am kind of sad that I have to stop talking about Texas now. But I am already starting to look forward to next years trip!

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