Friday, March 16, 2012

my outfit: party time!

Saturday night was the big party night of the conference sponsored by Poshmark (a really cool app for iPhones that I highly recommend you check out!).  I had done a little shopping for a fabulous outfit and had picked up two dresses (that I brought along just in case).  But when I found this one piece jumpsuit at Forever 21 for only $20 (yes, TWENTY!) I knew it was THE outfit to wear for the party! I wore it with a jacket and without... it was perfect!

I'm not much of a dress girl and so the idea of pants was very appealing to me. Plus, it was cold and plus I was probably the only one there in a jumpsuit.  This outfit was amazingly comfortable while still looking fabulous!

The fabulous necklace and bracelet were courtesy of Towne & Reese!

And of course I just have to show off our hilarious photo booth photos from Saturday evening...
This is Linda, Jenni and I being as silly as possible!

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