Friday, March 30, 2012

color trend: navy & denim!

I love that spring and summer bring a casual-ness to clothing that is both simplistic and comfortable.  To me there is nothing more comfortable than denim and navy.  So why not pair them together? Inspired by these couple of images (here & here) that I pinned recently, I realized that navy and denim make for the perfect casual summer combo.  Or... take this combo and add your favorite colored or white jeans for a less monochromatic look!
(above: denim jacket, polka dot chambray top (LOVE!), 

(above: peplum top (GET.IN.MY.CLOST! so fab, right!?!?), bracelets: navy, striped

Would you wear this classic look any time soon? I'm going to try and experiment with it soon!

I hope you have an absolute fabulous weekend!  Spring break started yesterday and I'm already half crazy with my kids (although we are having a lot of fun too!).

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Kels @ K and K Test Kitchen said...

Yay! I'm wearing this exactly today (jeans, navy gingham shirt, navy blazer). I'm also dying over that peplum top and the butter nail polish!


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